Bucky Fargo – Live at Sektor 22 – 2008

Tue, Jan 6, 2009


Bucky Fargo – Live at Sektor 22 – 2008
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Is it just me or is Techno just good? I mean good techo, Bucky Fargo techno. I happened upon his radio show on Proton Radio one day. That’s the second time on that site… randomly hearing a DJ I’ve never heard, just totally destroy it while I’m sitting in front of my computer. There are some quality shows on that site, check it out.

Here’s what I know about Bucky Fargo… he is good at this DJ’ing thing, he has a dope radio show, he seems really nice and he answers his email. All great qualities! Now a little about this mix, this is Part 2 of a set at an after hours in a rundown warehouse on the south side of Chicago. November 15, 2008 to be exact. As DJs we face many battles, on this fated night he got “sound tech trying to be the DJ”. I listened to the whole mix and Part 1 could have been great, without said sound guy. In this half you only hear him for the first track or two. Then some one must have taken that laaast shot of tequila for the night and passed out behind the racks, thank god. Cause the rest is amazing, and there’s some really really solid selections here. Not for the faint of heart, this mix is true to it’s roots… Chicago techno at it’s finest.

Enough babble, you know what to do.


  1. Moonyani – Heavy Rotation (reaky remix)
  2. Darkrow – Solid State
  3. Alex Font – Rondo
  4. Mark Ambrose – Memory Status 2
  5. Sebastien Bevil – Lunatic
  6. Format B – Full House (full clap mix)
  7. Delete – Rolling Cookie
  8. Norman – Ich Bin Was Ich Bin (andomat 3000 remix)
  9. Teknowledge – Chasm
  10. Flug – Timecoded
  11. Fergie – Badness
  12. Lutzenkirchen – Looptrack (orginal mix)
  13. Umek – Robot Audience (vladimir acic mix)
  14. Tiger Stripes – Hooked (guy gerber remix)
  15. Solomun vs. Ost & Kjex – Federgewicht (dub version)
  16. Devilfish & Roel Salemink – Manalive (julika mix)
  17. Mainx – 88 To Piano (original mix)


Rooted in the dark, spacey sounds of minimal house, Bucky Fargo takes audiences on tech-heavy ride suited for the after-midnight set. Growing up in the house epicenter of Chicago, Fargo took some points from the radio pioneers who crafted a weekly vibe on the Hot Mix 5 of WBMX 102.7. In junior high, he was known for carting around boxes of self-styled mix tapes and giving them to friends just to spread the house sound. After hunting down music of his interest in runned down warehouses, Bucky was quickly influenced by the rave scene in the 90 ‘s

In no time Bucky was a seasoned conductor of the Midwest rave scene and playing some of the most respected club events acorss the tri state area. In 2004, he took his role as a DJ one step further, landing gigs on the trans-Atlantic party circuits of Eastern Europe and beyond.

These days, Fargo still works plenty of overseas play dates, joining the ranks of some of the most respected artists. The recent launch of this new label, Step Forward Recordings, has kept this minimal mastermind busy in Chicago. The imprint includes some of the premiere producers on the minimal scene. Launched in May 2007, the label spotlights an array of minimal tech-house talent, with Fargo as the main behind it all.

His long-and-layered transitions keep crowds wondering where the next breakdown will break. Pushing the boundaries and always experimenting with dance floors everywhere, Bucky is always keeping listeners on their feet. His work on Proton Radio combined with his recent migration back into the studio ensures that Fargo is clearly making heads turn.



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