Billy Wonka – Golden Ticket – 2009

Sun, Mar 8, 2009


Billy Wonka – Golden Ticket – 2009
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Well well. One of our residents brings some new love for our pages. I always appreciate that. I know I need to do it myself… But I digress… This mix is straight party. I spent some time on the final phases of engineering so I’ve heard it a few times. It comes right out of the box with a classic track that really means a lot to me, just because back in the day when the original was original this is the guy who was playing it. Solid start.

This sucker is 100% velocity start to finish, this is not a good time to relax… this would be ideal for dancing about wildly, cleaning your house in your underwear, running with scissors, activity in general…. use your imagination.

Try to keep up.



  1. Unemployment Friday (Billy Remembers Big Werm intro)
  2. Break The Bomb (Respect to Kenny Dope Remix) – Bass Weazal
  3. Pimp Jackson Is Talkin’ Now (Dubbel Dutch Bootleg) – Loco Dice
  4. Let It Rock (DJ Kue’s MixRe) – Kevin Rudolf Ft. LiL Wayne
  5. The Reward Is Floating (Markus Lange Mash Up Remix) – Deadmau5 vs. Jape
  6. Sonic Chronic – Lee Mortimer Remix – TJR
  7. Got U Dancing (Jack Beats Remix) – Lady Soveign
  8. Jack Got Jacked (Jack Beats Remix) – AC Slater
  9. Suck my Lollipop (Billys Double Lick)- Gtronic
  10. Gas Face (Lee Mortimer Remix) – Dave Spoon & Pete Tong
  11. Riddle of Steel – Guns ‘n’ Bombs
  12. C.R.E.A.M. (Daze Of Thunder Banger Remix) – Wu Tang Clan
  13. Mr Brightside (Bass Weazal VS Mikey Hook Remix) – The Killers
  14. Zero Machine (Smashing Pumpkins)
  15. Castle VaniLady Riding (Modjo) – T.E.D.D.
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21 Responses to “Billy Wonka – Golden Ticket – 2009”

  1. cold fusion Says:

    i was just going to listen to a bit of this before bed but ended up rocking the whole damn thing. i should’ve learned by now – no candy before bedtime!


  2. Billy Candy Says:

    Well. There is always an exception if you brush your teeth. Thanks for the great feedback.


  3. Max Power Says:

    C’mon people leave some love, this mix is on FIYA!


  4. your dopest nerd Says:

    Frickin’ brilliant Mix. Whats that your head is bobbin’ and your ass is shakin’ Don’t fight it DOWNLOAD IT…DO IT NOW…


  5. Mista B. Says:

    On the download right now… be back with mo’ info šŸ˜€


  6. billy Wonka Says:

    Thanks .. i look forward to the feed back.


  7. Mista B. Says:

    Gotta say brother, intense from hilt to tilt! Great track selects, funkdifiedness and floor humpin inspiration! Great to hear some grimey, chunk-filled tracks that make de ass a shake none-stop, gotta move this mix to the faves collection in me hooptie šŸ˜€

    Major props, in other words šŸ˜‰


  8. Billly Wonka Says:

    Wow !! thank you so much Mista B. Its not the “e” word for sure .. (electro) But all i know .. everytime i play that mix for the oompa loompas , they come out with some crazy candy. Lets be friends


  9. Billy Wonka Says:

    WOW. Thank you so much, I tried to stay away from the “e” word too much went just for that, chunky grimey sound, GHETTO BASS, WONK, Fidget, type of sound and the the big 3 to seal the deal at the end and leave everyone smiling. Thanks again for taking time to rate the mix and leave some love. Billys a new thing, so well see where he goes.
    RESPECT !!!!
    Thanks again


  10. Pete Spinning Says:

    The “Billy Wonka – Golden Ticket” graphics for this are hot, Brooke! You continue to out do yourself with design… I am having problems with my puter right now, so I will have to give you my in depth review of the mix later… and I will, fo sho! Sounds like it is off the hook, though! Can’t wait to hear it!

    Great job guys, as usual = )


  11. Costume Shop Robert Says:

    Great stuff! Thanks for stopping by today and thanks for the pointer to your great site.


  12. DJ Thunder Says:

    THIS IS DOPE. Rad mix man. love it


  13. jodi Says:

    hey luv…..good set friday =) do u have myspace??


  14. Nick (Hippy) Says:

    Great set mann =]


  15. Fireskye Says:

    EFFING LOVE IT! that’s all there is to it. love love love love love, and lots of bouncing, shaking, and jiggling around! RAWR!


  16. Claire Says:

    This is so amazing, I’ve been listening to it for like a week and only it haha :):)<3


  17. Clifton Wojciak Says:

    Thank You for sharing this one!


  18. peewee Says:

    this mix is the shit, great transistions.. i think it was billy who gave me this mix on a cd like 5 months ago and im glad i have it..sorry i didnt add on myspace


  19. the killers mr brightside cover Says:

    Iā€™m a sucker for The Killers they really are certainly one of the best bands. And yet I’ve got to say I found this superb mr brightside cover version on YouTube today and i think I prefer it more than the original performance! You might want to watch this … The Killers Mr Brightside Cover


  20. Billy Wonka Says:

    Wow. Thanks for the recent comments guys. means alot. Ok so the next cd is all put together. Just gotta get it to the master brooke. !! Thanks again guys:) next is more bounce for the ounce )


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