Curtis Porter – Live at Club Curto – 2009

Mon, Mar 30, 2009


Curtis Porter – Live at Club Curto – 2009
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It’s about time for a tech house fix innit?  I stray but I can’t wander long.  I’m not sure what it is, maybe that I’m just incredibly cool… or maybe it is the water, but a large percentage of my friends are good DJs.  Not just DJs, I mean really amazing selectors.  Curtis has always been one of my favorites so when he dropped this gem in my inbox I felt like a kid on Christmas waiting for the time to give it a proper listen.

Curtis Porter has that smooth mixing style I love, and he is very versatile. He can seamlessly weave a tapestry of sounds, then just sneak up on you and drop a bomb.  He has the tools in his shed and he is not afraid to use them.  Everybody give it up for good DJs!  There is so much back scratching and bull-shittery™ that on an average night out, you could be subjected to any number of horrors… Meanwhile a silent assassin like Mr. Porter sits untouched.  What a tragedy.

Let’s start demanding good music, not just that guy who booked that other guy that one time.  There is so much more to being good at this craft than being a promoter.  For now, you’ll have to enjoy this in your place of residence, or maybe in your car on your way to aforementioned club night.

Hell just email Curtis, apparently he has a club in his casa.

Turn it up to eleven.

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  1. Aldente – Alex Kenji
  2. A Lot Of – Alex Kenji
  3. The Ridge – Mason (Lover Klein & Peter Jeurgens Rmx)
  4. Twilight – Adam K, Soha (Chris Barratt Rmx)
  5. Funktion Won Veerus – Kenneth Thomas, Shawn Michaels (Maxie Devine Rmx)
  6. Juicy – JC Mazter (Milton Channels Juicy Cherry Rmx)
  7. Dirty – King Unique (Paolo Mojo Rmx)
  8. Twisted – Mario Ochoa (Koen Groeneveld Rmx)
  9. Mistral B – Paul Nazca, Leslie Kei (Koen Groeneveld Rmx)
  10. System – Mark Knght, D. Ramirez
  11. Change We Can – Ecotek (Alex Gold, Kostas K Rmx)
  12. Patrol – Tim Davison (Kasey Taylor Rmx)
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6 Responses to “Curtis Porter – Live at Club Curto – 2009”

  1. cobyone Says:

    oooooowee! gotta love this dude….didn’t expect anything less from Curto…great track selection, smooth mixing as always…don’t sleep on this… Ricky Dicky Doo!!!!


  2. Dj Lost Says:

    Sick Mix!!!! Nice work on this one for sure Bruva!!


  3. Billy Wonka Says:

    DAZZMM …. Great solid mix … umm im going to need Change We Can – Ecotek (Alex Gold, Kostas K Rmx) umm as soon as i can find it. Nice stuff mang. Billy gives it 5 lollipops for shizzle !!


  4. poly Says:

    I dig it! Good flow cool transitions


  5. poly Says:

    I dig it! Love that ecotek track, one of my favs. Cool smooth transitions.


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