PANTyRAid – PROMoMiX – 2009

Fri, Jun 5, 2009


PANTyRAid – PROMoMiX – 2009
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You are going to need sixteen and a half minutes, some big speakers, and a 40 please. This mix was made for Mary Anne Hobbes on BBC Radio 1, but it was too good to let die there. It’s chock full of their tunes & some layered acapellas that will make you want to wave that 40 and worship the sun. Oh happy day, future bass music.

The partnership consists of MartyParty and Ooah of Glitch Mob fame.  The boys at Marine Parade we’re good enough to let me hear their first release which you can be rocking as early as tomorrow.  Listening to it I knew I was hearing the beginning of something large.  Beba is the first track on the mix there which I’ve probably listened to 20 times now, definitely in rotation. For some reason they put a ridiculously sick 32 count on the end, loopers delight. Get Money is equally impressive, an emotional thug epic with enough bassline for even the hardest . As mentioned June 6 2009 is the release of the first single Beba / Get Money, and July 7 we’ll see the rest of the goods when they release their debut album.

Holler if ya hear me…………..
T.G.I.F. (thank GOD it’s funky)

Get in touch with them…
Marine Parade Records

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7 Responses to “PANTyRAid – PROMoMiX – 2009”

  1. Billy Wonka Says:

    OMG .. Here is the Straight fire i was talking about. This is that next level shit. This is bleeding edge material. Im giving pantYraid 5 lollipops and a 300 mile range. If they come with in 300 miles.. i suggest you plant yourself firmly up close next to me and prepare to watch some magic. These guys as production artists are dope .. as dj’s .. SIIICCKKK. I too worship this sun.


  2. Mista B. Says:

    Oh shit!!! My socks flew off on this mix! Muy kudos to not only these peeps for throwin it down proper, but a mad shout of love to the one and only brooklyn for keepin the beats pumpin on this site ;D


  3. marylee Says:

    Seriously, this is the NEW SHIT! Futuristic crunk hiphop is finally here. This music has my panties all wadded up in a tight bundle and I cant stop listening to these songs! I FUCKING LOVE IT.


  4. Katy Says:



  5. MamaKaylor Says:

    Straight up siiiick! Nothin else to say yo! Funky mix! F**kin diiig it!


  6. Tim Davis Says:

    Hey I’m a big time fan of your blog. Thanks for creating it. :)



  1. […] but my favorite way to experience PANTyRAID is through their promotional mini mixes like this and this. For more recent tracks, you can also stream or download the Superior EP from their […]

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