Mix Architekt – Aspects of the 4th – 2009

Mon, Nov 23, 2009


Mix Architekt – Aspects of the 4th – 2009
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It’s been a while.  Sorry to leave you hanging like that.  I’ve been working on some stuff though promise… Like a record label, and a challenging new position in a studio in LA.  This is all good stuff!  I’ve been keeping this mix all to myself for a while now, and the guilt finally got to me.  Mix Architekt blesses us with an hour long journey that borders on genius.  He is seriously one of my favorite DJs in the world, you should listen.  While he completely embraces and pushes technology to it’s potential, he still does his mixes all live… and with a signal chain even I could love, that’s saying something.

This mix is a symphony of tech haus goodies, impossibly layered to create completely new textures. I have a few of the tracks so I was able to really see what was going on (yes with my ears). There is almost constantly four tracks going, expert filter use, amazing delay lines, complete restructuring of tracks you think you know. Technically it’s all there, but even at just the most basic human level… Emotionally it moves you from point A to point B, there are some serious builds and mood shifts. Highly recommended listening material.  Try to find a comfortable spot, and jam it with your eyes closed.

I always love it when someone takes the time to plan out a DJ mix as if it were a journey, I think the effect is universal.  When we think about where it begins and where it will go, not just stringing together the top ten on Beatport, or what the blogs are hyping…  When we use our minds to imagine ourselves at the helm of some intergalactic control tower, and believe we can take you along for the ride?  That’s when the magic happens.

So here’s the daily dose.



  1. Mr Piano Hands (CD Mix) MA Edit 2 – DJ T.
  2. Casbar – Daniel Maher
  3. You (Keinemusik RMX) – Steed Lord, Keinemusik
  4. I Tele U Bo (MA Edit) – Okain, Thomas Muller
  5. Brick House (Milton Jackson RMX) – Milton Jackson, Tomoki Tamura, Hideo Kobayashi
  6. The Case (Kollektiv Turmstrasse RMX) MA Edit – Raz Ohara
  7. Schoon (DE RMX) MA Shroom Edit – Toby Tobias, Dave Ellesmere
  8. Mushrooms (Justin Martin RMX) – Marshall Jefferson, Justin Martin
  9. Grand Central, Part 1 (Deep Into The Bowel Of House MCDE Bassline Dub) – MCDE, DJ Sprinkles
  10. Fizzmann (Dee Pulse RMX) – Ada
  11. Alfon – Pryda
  12. Kaliber 19 – B1 Kaliber
  13. Alura – Daniel Mehlhart
  14. Picanha – Thomas Schumacher
  15. March On Swan Lake (Dub Mix) – Tomas Barfod, Fredski
  16. Lower Instincts (RMX) – Thomas Schumacher, DJ T
  17. Mr Fleurquin (Catz n Dogz RMX) – Tomas Barfod, Fredski, Catz n Dogz
  18. Bloody Mary – Oliver Huntemann
  19. Mustang -Stephan Bodzin
  20. Analog Effekt – Xenia Beliayeva
  21. Aurora – Dominik Eulberg
  22. Stand Up Stereotyp G-Stone Recordings


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2 Responses to “Mix Architekt – Aspects of the 4th – 2009”

  1. Max Power Says:

    I seriously cant believe i am the first one to comment on this mix, it is the best i have heard in a long time. The track selection and mixing are both flawless and while I recognize a few tracks, they are put together so masterfully that they sound like something i have never heard before. really feeling it, cheers and keep up the great work


  2. Brooklyn Says:

    Agreed Robby it’s kinda insane. Tim always comes correct and this one is not any different.


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