Pat Benolkin – Love Drums . 01 – 2010

Fri, Jan 15, 2010


Pat Benolkin – Love Drums . 01 – 2010
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It’s been a while since we’ve gotten a new Pat B. mix so I was really excited when I saw this one in my inbox. The title tells me we have a new series, and just going on the quality of the Listen To This mixes, we are all in for a treat. Let’s all thank Pat for the wonderful iPod fodder now kiddies.

As the opening of it all, it’s logical and thoughtful. At this point I expect nothing less of Mr. Benolkin. He begins it like you would begin a party, subdued a bit, tribal, and warm to the touch. By the time I heard the familiar sample “I am ready”, I was indeed. The momentum is constant, building very expertly until about two-thirds of the way through when the energy goes up another notch. His track selection, programming and mixing are fluid as always, and just as the name imparts… he left me primed and ready for part two.

Here’s a little tech house love for you, perfect for the lead up to just about anything.. What will you use it for?


  1. Seth Troxler – Hurt feat. Matthew Dear
  2. J- Mode – The Trouble (Lee Curtiss remix)
  3. Sascha Krohn – A Tree Is A Tree (Tim Xavier & Camea remix)
  4. Attemporal – Drumeando (Kabuto & Koji remix)
  5. Okain – Wait Please
  6. Edu Imbernon, Samuel Knob – Trilopenco
  7. Groove Garcia, Edu Imbernon – Missing Berlin From Spain (Hermanez remix)
  8. Kolombo – I’m On You’re Side (Kruse & Nuernberg remix)
  9. Ronan Portela – Piumino (Barem + Someone Else dub mix)
  10. Ramon Tapia – Sunka Sanka (Coyu & Edu Imbernon remix)
  11. Muzzaik – Going Underground
  12. Olivier Giocomotto – Bordeaux
  13. Tony Senghorn, David Ekenback – Drunk Man Standing (John Acquaviva & Olivier Giocomotto remix)


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6 Responses to “Pat Benolkin – Love Drums . 01 – 2010”

  1. Fireskye Says:

    L<3ve drums! L<3ve it!


  2. Brooklyn Says:

    Thank you Patrick!


  3. tobo Says:



  4. Ryan Shuman Says:

    Awesome! Nice new tunes and the Funky Kind!


  5. MamaKaylor Says:

    Okay so I’m shanking it so hard my abs hurt! Great beats yo!


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