TFK001 – Pat Benolkin – Mas

Mon, Jan 11, 2010


TFK001 – Pat Benolkin – Mas
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Pat Benolkin sent me a link to some of his new music about six months ago, and I realized it was the time to start releasing music. I know what I can do, and in my circle of friends there are some amazing producers so there is never a going to be a shortage of ideas or talent. I start this endeavor with the aim of cultivating and creating something special, a collection of quality music, a vehicle for self expression, and I’m sure some great memories along the way.

After getting the tracks I realized how important picking the remixers wil be for each release. For this one we have Anglo Satellite of Innerflight, and Mix Architekt of Alchemy / Allen & Heath / TFK fame. I had this one mastered by Adrian at Timeless Mastering (NYC).  A huge thank you as well to Gunnar Lockwood Designs for the awesome new logos, and album art.  This release can be downloaded free on SoundCloud, all we ask is for some feedback.  Yes the first rock is free folks…



The title track Mas is what I think of as a block. It’s one of those tracks you go back to to build or dissect the dance floor, very nice to have a set of these in your arsenal. It has a throbber of a bass line present from almost the beginning, and the forward leaning momentum is a constant. As soon as the thoughtful synth stabs steal the spotlight, everyone else is welcomed back in. This is a great track to build on or with…. House music all night long, say what?

Anglo Satellite is up next with his version which presents a completely new track really, it’s more in your face and places itself firmly in that banger category. It’s one of those tracks you drop to confuse and astound, bass heavy and freaked out it’s a creative rework of the original no doubt. This is one for those hands in the air kinda moments, with a dramatic break to boot.

Mix Architekt gives us his “Less is Mas” mix, and does his best to prove that point. With this minimal techno interpretation, Mix Architekt dominates the sonic space with a limited palette something that takes creativity and great skill. This is one you can endlessly layer, those with four decks and or creative looping skills will find this one very useful.

Finally Pat’s B side, Oh Yeah…… This one immediately runs to my late night crate, very beautiful, still driving. The bass line on this one another not to be taken lightly. It’s spacious, and has that haunting groove that makes it easy to run to your imagining place. I like it when it’s this easy to get lost.


Lots of love…

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  1. Jacob Says:

    Impeccable sensibility.


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