Bassnectar – IDJ Mixtape – 2010

Mon, Feb 1, 2010


Bassnectar – IDJ Mixtape – 2010
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What we have here is Lorin’s self described latest mix of “omni-tempo maximalism”. Bassnectar has been pushing the boundaries of what a DJ is since his beginnings. My first encounter with his music was at Burning Man ten years ago. The entire scene those next couple of years for me musically in Black Rock City were transformative. The slow bass body music El Circo and other camps were pouring out was so fresh and fundamentally just dripping with sex. Bassnectar’s sets always a highlight, almost everything you heard had been tweaked in his own lab before it blessed the crowd. Mood shifts and tempo switches done so dramatically but yet you’d hardly notice them… All part of the journey.

The first track Doom’s Night is really a sentimental one for me. As usual he has done a complete rework in his lab, breathing new life into the classic. I’ll never forget the first time I played Doom’s Night though, over a decade ago now, my first real gig. Back then the internet was a fetus in comparison to it’s current state. Finding records involved people, phone calls, and luck. So no one at that party had heard it yet, I’m positive of that fact. The excitement level was at eleven when that bass line dropped in for the first time.   As used to happen it was now “my track”, and I had set myself a high bar for the future. The experience was amazing and every time I hear that song I am reminded of the beginning of my journey as a DJ myself, no matter how different it sounds today.

The rest of the mix is a odyssey through the familiar flipped on it’s head. Bassnectar always make’s it all his own, even your favorite Pixies track. Professionally warping hip-hop, to drum and bass, and dropping a few classic tracks in between there’s a little something we can all enjoy… Unless you’ve got big speakers, then resistance in any form is futile.

Get you some tempo ambiguous, bass riddled body music.


  1. Azzido Da Bass – Doom’s Night (Timo Maas vs Bassnectar)
  2. Bassnectar – Cozza Frenzy (Mega Bass Mix)
  3. Rye Rye – Bang feat. MIA [aca]
  4. S.C.A.M. – Let Me Hear You Say
  5. Stagga – I Got Bass
  6. Seductive Dubz – Hey!
  7. Caravan Palace – Starscat
  8. AAK & Double Step – (Bassnectar Edit)
  9. Bassnectar – Boombox (Bassnectar Remix)
  10. The Pixies – Where is My Mind? (Bassnectar Remix)
  11. Nextmen – The Lion’s Den (Sigma vs Bassnectar)
  12. Zen – Your Shout ft. Killabeats & Gry (Bassnectar Re-edit)
  13. Bassnectar – Teleport Massive (Bassnectar Remix)
  14. Bassnectar – Slam Dunk feat. Dunkelbunt
  15. Bazznectar Medley – Tears for Modern English Masher
  16. Damian Marley – It Was Written (Chasing Shadows Remix)
  17. Kid Cudi – Day & Night (JOTS vs Crowdrock vs Bassnectar)
  18. Malente & Dex – Lions (Bassnectar & iLL Gates Remix)


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  1. COCO Says:



  2. Brooklyn Says:

    Agreed, Seriously hottttt stuff 😉


  3. Jacob Says:

    Farty bass.


  4. Marc Says:

    Sweet ass Sweet


  5. MamaKaylor Says:

    For real!!! I haven’t had a good trip in years, but I could just listeneing to this…pure creative talent! What a mix! Wow!!!!


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