Team Sexy – Teamwerk Volume 1 – 2011

Fri, May 13, 2011


Team Sexy – Teamwerk Volume 1 – 2011
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Hello internet land, it’s been a while… I’ve missed our sessions here and have a few goodies to share starting with a real doozy from our own dynamic duo Team Sexy.  They put this on Soundcloud a little while ago but I wanted to be sure all of you got the first installment of what promises to be a great series.

For those new to the Team Sexy experience is is comprised of Robby DeBolt (Kasher), and Jeremy Shay (Hecca).  These two can play just about anything, well known in Portland for their Dubstep sessions, this is their house centric tag teaming alter ego.  Now that we all have name tags on, let’s talk about the mix.

Leading off with some inviting deep house vibes, it quickly morphs into dance party USA. Interesting track selection, smooth mixes, and quality programming make this a joy to listen to.  We wonder how many people will lose an hour dancing in their living room to this?  It happens to everyone at some point, give up and give in… It feels real good.

A tag Team set of Sexy proportions… all for you.


  1. Thylamoid – The voice
  2. Bob Morane & Spedro – Green willow tree
  3. Christian Malloni – Aqua Ardiente (Loko RMX)
  4. Dan Caster & Sebastian Phillip – Drunken Native (Sascha Braemer RMX)
  5. Dan Caster & Sebastian Phillip – Hot Key
  6. 2020 Soundsystem – Can’t stop the crew (Jesse Rose RMX)
  7. GIOM – Things You Do
  8. Heartik – Wax Works (Mowgli RMX)
  9. 123XYZ – All 4 U
  10. Ramadanman & Midland – Your Words Matter
  11. Bioniqu – Mothafunky (Funk Shuei RMX)
  12. N/A- Fables and Fairytales (Deniz Kurtel RMX)


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  1. koizilla Says:

    That first track is sexy.


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